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Welcome Message, Marco, Wu Moon-hoi, Chairman. Welcome to the website of the Hong Kong Housing Society. I hope you will find this website useful in providing a beyyer understanding of our work.

In 1945, Hong Kong emerged from the Japanese occupation in a state of destitution, caused by shelling and air raids during the war. Out of a population of 600,000, one in four was homeless. Others suffered privations of varying degrees.

This was then followed by an influx of refugees into Hong Kong. The impact this had on housing was devastating. There was at that time no Government housing scheme, let alone housing subsidies. (The former Housing Authority was set up in 1954.) What Hong Kong had, were a few conscientious members of the community who volunteered to dedicate their time and talents to help those in need. In 1948, with a donation of £14,000 from the Air Raid Distress Fund of the Lord Mayor of London, they founded a non-profit making organisation to help those in need of housing. After over 60 years, this organisation has grown to the Hong Kong Housing Society, as we know it today.

Since its inception, the Housing Society has endeavoured to provide affordable housing and related services for the people of Hong Kong. It has also pioneered in many areas: for example, we took the lead in introducing professional housing management expertise from UK to manage its rental estates; developed sandwich class housing; implemented various loan schemes for Government; developed senior citizen housing, participated in urban renewal and assisted owners of old private buildings in building management and maintenance.

The Housing Society also aims to meet niche markets and fill the gap between the private market and Government. We have carried out all our activities with either our own financial resources or in partnership with Government.

With a mature corporate Governance structure and a strong and efficient management team, we have been able to fulfill our social mission and rise to all the challenges over half a century. In the coming years, we will continue to explore new opportunities and move forward with Hong Kong so that we can better serve our people. The Housing Society will continue to provide quality housing for society.

Last Updated: Mar 2016

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