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In a flash, the Housing Society has been around for over 60 years. In this period, we have continued to improve the variety of housing on offer, with a major change to our organisation's management culture. For instance, in the early 90s, we successfully established a new corporate culture incorporating the concepts of productivity improvement and performance appraisal, in response to the changing needs of society. In 2000, we have revised our corporate governance and adopted a two-tier governance structure to enhance accountability and efficiency.

In addition, the Housing Society has strived to meet the public demand for improved transparency and accountability. The four ex-officio members of our Supervisory Board, Permanent Secretary for Transport and Housing (Housing), Director of Planning, Director of Lands and Director of Buildings, have each played an important communication role. Moreover, the Housing Society has invited the ICAC from time to time to evaluate the work procedures. We also accept the supervision by the Office of the Ombudsman with the view of constantly improving our service quality.

To strengthen external communications, we publish a quarterly newsletter "Housing Society Today" to share the latest in our work with the community and also "Estate Newsletter" to enhance our residents' understanding of our management policy. Apart from the existing 24-hour hotline service, members of the public may also visit our website for more information on the Housing Society.

In furtherance of our mission to improve quality service in line with the needs of social development, we hope that the new website will enable both local and overseas visitors to understand our work better.


Last Updated: Dec 2014

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