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Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Policy

It is the Policy of Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS) to accomplish working safely and with due regard for the environment at large. In HKHS, OHS are an integral part of every staff member’s roles and functions. Management will enforce strictly principles and practices under the HKHS Safety Management System (SMS).

HKHS is committed to achieving the highest standard of OHS in the working environment at all times whilst meeting applicable and relevant legal and subscribed requirements e.g. Factories & Industrial Undertakings (Safety Management) Regulation:

  • Management is committed to pursuing the Policy and providing necessary resources to facilitate strict enforcement of the SMS.

  • Management will make efforts to ensure a healthy & safe working environment and enhance OHS awareness & knowledge through timely communication of relevant information, instructions, training & supervision for the safety and health at work to all stakeholders, as required by law.

  • The ultimate goal in OHS performance is to prevent injury & ill health and maintain a low accident rate through close collaboration of all stakeholders, staff, suppliers, contractors and the general public.

  • All staff have the responsibilities to take reasonable care of their own safety and to cooperate with relevant stakeholders to perform and comply with statutory obligations.

  • Management will strive for continuous OHS improvements of SMS through enhancement of safety management objectives, targets and programmes.

  • Management will arrange regular review on the OSH policy with performance measurement and safety audits to maintain an effective SMS.

This Policy should be understood, implemented and maintained by every staff member of HKHS at all times and to the highest standard.

Last Updated: Jul 2016