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Corporate Structure

Established for more than 60 years, the Housing Society has been run by Members coming from all walks of life with the mission to serve the needs of the Hong Kong community in housing and related services. Over time, the mission remains but our role has evolved to become much more complex, engaging in multiple initiatives with Government as well as on its own.

To cope with the changing environment and to fulfil its evolving role, we have adopted a new governance structure at the end of year 2000 with the creation of a Supervisory Board and a smaller Executive Committee. This new structure is referenced upon the best practices in today's corporate governance while retaining the uniqueness of the Housing Society as an independent Organisation governed by Members.

The Supervisory Board, with a maximum of 25 members, is responsible for the formulation of the Housing Society's mission and guiding principles. The 12-member Executive Committee establishes policies to ensure that corporate strategies are consistent with the corporate mission and guiding principles and oversees the performance of the Management which is led by an Executive Director. An Audit Committee and a Nominating Committee are in place to support the Supervisory Board in respective areas while a Remuneration Committee assists the Executive Committee in setting the compensation policies.

Members of the Supervisory Board and Committees contribute to the Housing Society on a voluntary basis. Through the concerted efforts of Members, the Management and all staff, the Housing Society has grown into a more open, accountable and efficient organisation to serve the needs of the people of Hong Kong and improve housing for society.

Organisational Chart

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null Nominating Committee Supervisory Board Audit Committe null null
Remuneration Committee Executive Committee null null
null Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director & Mr Wong Kit-Loong null null
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null Projects Division Director & Mr Franki K Y Yeung null Development & Marketing Division Director Mr Daniel K S Lau null Property Management Division Director & Mr Jacky K S ip Corporate Planning & Finance Division Director  Mr Peter Shieh Yue-shan null null
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Corporate Communication Section null Internal Audit Unit null Quality Audit Section Human Resources Section null
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