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Many of the properties in the urban areas were built during the 1930s and 40s and were deteriorating fast. To improve the quality of living in the dilapidated areas, the Housing Society launched its first Urban Improvement Scheme in 1974 at Mei Sun Lau in Kennedy Town with a start-up loan from Government. Over the years, we have completed some 30 projects of varying scales providing over 5,000 flats.

As far as the Urban Improvement Scheme is concerned, the Housing Society paid full market values of land premium to Government and acquired the properties at market prices for redevelopment. The Housing Society was also required to re-house eligible residents affected by the redevelopment.

Completed units after redevelopment can be offered for sale on the open market without any application eligibility or resale restrictions.

Estates developed under Urban Improvement Scheme are Mei Sun Lau, Lai Yan Lau, Oi Kwan Court, 8 Po Man Street, Western Garden, 5 Upper Station Street, 10 Shelley Street, 221 Temple Street, Regal Court, 39C Battery Street, Ko Wang Court, Yuen Fai Court, 3 U Lam Terrace, Kin Wo Court, 1 Hee Wong Terrace, Coble Court, 7 Ping Lan Street, June Garden, Ka Fai Court, 10 Tai Pak Terrace, Dragon Centre, Kui Yan Lane, Lascar Court, Yuk Ming Towers, Prosperous Garden, Elegance Court, Prosperity Court, Harmony Court, Jubilant Place and Hollywood Terrance.

Last Updated: Mar 2017

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