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Fostering Knowledge and Experience Sharing with Mainland and Overseas

  • The HS Academy frequently organises exchange activities to facilitate the sharing of our knowledge and experience in the development of housing-related services with government officials, professionals and students from Mainland and overseas.

    Government officials from Guangzhou (left) and Beijing (right) visited the Housing Society to study our housing management experience
    (Left) 33 Mainland students from Tsinghua University received a briefing at the Housing Society on urban renewal in Hong Kong
    (Right) Mr Wong Kit-loong, CEO&ED of the Housing Society, went to the Zhejiang University to give a lecture to the post-graduate students on elderly housing development

    Students from Wuhan University (left) and Beijing Union University were undergoing internship training at the Housing Society
    Students from Kyunghee University visited the Housing Society to learn the Hong Kong experience in building maintenance and housing management
    Students from the University of Ulster, United Kingdom (left) and New York University Shack Institute of Real Estate, the United States of America (right) visited the Housing Society as part of their learning programme in Asia

  • To strengthen the cooperation in professional training with the Mainland, the Housing Society and Jiangsu Provincial Personnel Department (now renamed Jiangsu Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security) signed an MOU on joint professional training in 2008. Under this MOU, the Housing Society organises housing related training programmes every year for Jiangsu civil servants in Hong Kong.

  • A close rapport with the Housing and Development Board of Singapore has been maintained for years. In the past few years, several officials and architects visited the Housing Society to gain a better understanding of our latest development in housing projects and housing management practice.

  • In collaboration with the China Architecture & Building Press on the Mainland, the Housing Society published the mainland editions of the Quality Field Practices video series in 2006, and the Universal Design Guidebook For Residential Development in Hong Kong in 2009, to enhance the professional practices and development of the mainland building industry.

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