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Promoting Professional Development

  • The HS Academy also organises seminars and conferences to provide a platform for industries practitioners to exchange views and share the Housing Society’s vision on quality housing services. For example, the Quality Seminar on Project Management was held in 2011 with the working partners for the sharing of the Housing Society’s vision and expectation on building quality.

  • Every year, through the HS Academy, the Housing Society sponsors a series of conferences and seminars organised by professional bodies in support of the professional development in the housing related fields. During 2011, the Housing Society sponsored the following professional activities:
    - The 30th Anniversary Celebration of the Centre of Urban Studies and Urban Planning of the University of Hong Kong
    - The Quality Property & Facility Management Award organised by the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors and Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies
    - The 10th Annual Seminar of Hong Kong Institution of Engineers’ Building Division – “Eco-City Construction, Restructuring, Redevelopment & Revitalization”
    - The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers’ Environmental Division Annual Seminar – “Green Transport for Low Carbon City”
    - The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor Hong Kong Annual Conference 2011 – “Why, What and How – The Truth behind Sustainability”
    - International Symposium on “Public Housing Futures” organised by the City University of Hong Kong
    - Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors’ Building Surveyors Conference on “Built Environment: Health and Safety”
    - Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors’ Annual Conference “Central Business Districts in Hong Kong: Today and Tomorrow”
    - Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors’ Property and Facility Management Division Conference 2011 “Corporate Real Estate – Value Enhancement or Business Support”
    - Housing Seminar organised by Chartered Institute of Housing Asian Pacific Branch in Wuhan University
    - 2011 Asia Pacific Network for Housing Research Conference “Neoliberalism and Urbanisation in Asia Pacific”

  • International Conference in Celebration of the 65th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Housing Society
    - Housing in an Ageing Community

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