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Elderly Care

Elderly Care

“Ageing-in-Place” Scheme
In light of the ageing population in the rental estates, the Housing Society launched the Elderly Care Services Programme in 2011 to provide total care for its elderly residents with four objectives — Contended Environment, Care-free Housing, Happy Living and Ease at Mind. The programme was replaced by the “Ageing-in-Place” (AIP) Scheme launched in early 2013. It goes a step further by taking the elderly, especially those living on their own or with their elderly patrons, into special care.

The AIP Scheme aims to enable the elderly residents to age in place by improving the living environment and facilities while leveraging on community resources to address their healthcare and social needs. The Scheme was piloted at Cho Yiu Chuen in 2012 and gradually extended to other estates, including Moon Lok Dai Ha, Kwun Tong Garden Estate, Lok Man Sun Chuen, Chun Seen Mei Chuen, Ming Wah Dai Ha, Kwun Lung Lau and Lai Tak Tsuen.

Elderly Resources Centre
In line with our objective to promote “ageing in place”, the Housing Society set up the Elderly Resources Centre (ERC), the first of its kind in Hong Kong, in 2005. Through education, assessment of physical being and home risks, consultation and research, the centre helps raise awareness about the potential hazards at home and reduce home accidents. The ERC is also equipped with a home simulation zone with show flats incorporating “universal design” features to educate the elderly about home safety. Operated by experienced occupational therapists and social workers, the centre offers tailor-made service to the elderly.

In 2008, the ERC has extended its scope of services to the outdoor, reducing the risks of the elderly outside their homes. It was then completely renovated in 2012, introducing the most advanced age-friendly home facilities and multi-media interactive installations from overseas. Developed by the Innovation and Technology Commission, the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute and The Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, an “i-Home” was also set up to break new grounds in “ageing in place”.

Elderly Services Website
The Housing Society also launched the "one-stop" elderly website in early 2008 to provide a comprehensive platform for the elderly, their families and carers. Revamped in 2010, the website adopted a more vivid design with diversified contents, including elderly housing, health, travel, diet, nutrition and retirement living. Hyperlinks to elderly services units across all 18 districts in Hong Kong were also provided to facilitate the elderly in seeking the services and support needed.

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