Kwun Lung Lau

Address:20 Lung Wah Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong
Site Area
22,654.21 sq. m.
Completion Year
1967 Phase II:
Block A to D
1968 Phase II:
Block E to F
2007 Phase I (Redevelopment):
Tower 1 & 2
No. of Blocks or Towers
Total Flats
872 Phase I (Redevelopment)
1,471 Phase II
2,343 Total
Flat Area
18.70 - 51.40 sq. m.
*Including elderly persons' flats
  • The estate took its name after the dragon-like layout of the buildings stretching from Block A to G viewed from above
  • Designer Mr Michael Payne received an award for the Kwun Lung Lau project. The dragon mosaic at the lift lobby was designed by Mrs Michael Payne
  • Lord and Lady David Wilson visited the estate in 1987
  • The Phase 1 redevelopment of Block G and part of Block E was made to two 40-storey blocks which was completed in 2008 while Phase 2 rehabilitation was completed in 2011

Block Plan

Block Plan


Carparks (with EV charger)
Children playground
Community hall with dancing room
Elderly gymnastic facilities

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