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Currently, the Housing Society maintained a total stock of approximately 9,600 parking spaces in 58 car parks. In a bid to achieve greater operational efficiency through flexibility in staff deployment, wider use of electronic equipment, and expert knowledge in marketing, most carparks are outsourced to professional carpark operators who are responsible for both the daily operation and letting the parking spaces.

To start the online application, you may click here to view the step-by-step guidance. Please select the carpark you would like to apply:

carpark online application

  • The monthly parking fee is subject to review by the Housing Society
  • In the event that the Housing Society decides to adjust the monthly parking fee, notice in writing will be given to the monthly parking user in one month advance.
  • The decision to approve or reject your application for a monthly parking space of the above Estate/ Building is made entirely at the discretion of the Housing Society or its duly authorised contractor / agent. Completion of the online application form does not guarantee that a monthly parking space will be provided.
  • The applicant must be the resident of the selected carpark of Estate (except King's Road 1063, Marina Habitat and Western Garden).
Points to note
  • Adjustment of monthly, hourly and day/night parking fees

    The carparks maintained by the Housing Society mainly serve local residents and visitors subject to monthly, hourly and day-parking charges. The monthly carpark charges are reviewed annually and the approved charges will take effect from 1 April each year. For hourly and day/night parking, with our approval, carpark operators may adjust the hourly rate according to the local demand.

    In reviewing the charges, we make reference to the current market level including carpark charges of other public bodies and comparable private sector, with a view to maximising occupancy rate.

  • Resubmission of monthly parking application every 3 years

    In order to uphold the interest eligible users, monthly carpark users are required to submit fresh applications, vehicle registration document and address proof for renting monthly parking spaces every 3 years to ensure the monthly carpark users are still eligible.

  • Disable Parking

    The Housing Society attaches great importance to creating a barrier-free environment for people with disabilities. All monthly license fees for disable drivers is charged half of the normal license fee upon producing a valid Disabled Person's Parking Permit issued by Transport Department.

  • Installation and provision of EV charging facilities

    In supporting the Government’s environmental protection policy on the promotion of wider use of electric vehicles (EVs), the Housing Society has been collaborating with power companies to expand the EV charging network proactively in existing carparks subject to demand and technical feasibility. Moreover, to align with Government policy and latest planning guidelines, we have been providing EV charging facilities in all new housing developments.

    As at June 2022, we had provided EV charging facilities at about 290 parking spaces in some 34 car parks.

    Due to the growth in the number of EV charging facilities has lagged far behind that of the rapidly growth of electric private vehicles, in order to properly manage limited resources and prevent the abuse of EV parking spaces, we have installed “smart charge” system in most of our new EV charging facilities. If the car owner park their cars at EV charging spaces, in addition to the parking fee, an additional occupancy fee will be levied.

    We will continue to keep in view the usage of these chargers and consider gradually installing more EV charging facilities at our existing carparks if situation warrants.

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