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Apart from supporting industry events through participation and sponsorships of various kinds, the Housing Society attaches great importance in nurturing the young talents.  We set up the Housing Society Academy in 2005 and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with most of the local tertiary institutions and institutes of the Vocational Training Council.  Sponsorships and bursaries have been granted to students studying housing-related programmes and extended to benefit students taking elderly-service-related studies in recent years. We also offer internship and placement opportunities to the students in order to help them better prepare for their career planning.
The Housing Society organises exchange activities from time to time to facilitate knowledge and experience sharing in housing-related topics with local as well as overseas professionals and government officials.  We also support professional development by sponsoring researches projects, conferences and seminars.​​​​​​
With “Quality” being one of our core values, we produced a series of “Quality Field Practices” videos in 2001 in collaboration with the Hong Kong Construction Association and the Hong Kong Construction Industry Employees General Union, with an aim to set a benchmark of good and proper workmanship for all field practices so that our contractors could have a common understanding of Housing Society’s expected standards and helped to promote higher quality of building construction in the industry.

In 2012, the Housing Society Academy compiled a Liberal Studies Teaching Kit, titled “The Changing Housing Needs”, for the new senior secondary curriculum in Liberal Studies. The Teaching Kit has been distributed to all local secondary schools as practical supplementary teaching materials for the teachers, to enhance the understanding of the work of the Housing Society among the younger generation.

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