Estate Redevelopment and Rehabilitation

Most of our existing rental estates were built from 1960s to 1970s and have been ageing over the years, hence rehabilitation is necessary to maintain the buildings in sound conditions. Our strategy is to enhance the living environment of these estates through a two-pronged approach encompassing rehabilitation and redevelopment.

A number of older rental estates, such as Sheung Li Uk in Sham Shui Po, Hung Hom Chuen in Hung Hom, Four Seasons Estate in Tsuen Wan, Kai Tak Estate in Wong Tai Sin, Healthy Village in North Point and Kwun Tong Garden Estate in Kwun Tong, have been redeveloped to provide more flats with better design and facilities for both the benefit of the residents and the community. Phase I redevelopment of Kwun Lung Lau in Kennedy Town was completed in 2008.

Our goal in estate redevelopment and rehabilitation is to let our tenants enjoy a more comfortable and convenient living environment with up-to-date provisions and facilities, while allowing the Housing Society to better utilise the development potential of the sites on which our estates are located.

The first step in starting the redevelopment process is to identify decanting sites for rehousing the affected residents, ideally within or close to the original community in which the residents have been living. Currently, the Housing Society works on Ming Wah Dai Ha in Shau Kei Wan, Yue Kwong Chuen in Aberdeen and Kwun Tong Garden Estate II.

Apart from redevelopment, we also seek to rehabilitate some of the older estates which are still structurally sound to minimise impacts on the residents. In 2006, the large-scale rehabilitation of Moon Lok Dai Ha in Tsuen Wan was completed. Works included the installation of additional lifts, upgrading of the security and fire systems, and improvement of the external walls and lobbies. Following that, we completed the rehabilitation projects at Ming Wah Dai Ha and Kwun Lung Lau Phase II in 2010 and 2011 respectively. Since then, we have also installed shuttle lifts and improved the environment of various estates with barrier-free access as far as possible.

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Current Projects:
Ming Wah Dai Ha
Ming Wah Dai Ha

For Ming Wah Dai Ha located in Shau Kei Wan, we have commenced a three-phased redevelopment project. Two new buildings built in Phase I were completed in 2021 providing 966 rental units. Demolition works for the Phase II Redevelopment have commenced. The entire Ming Wah Dai Ha Redevelopment is expected to be completed by 2035, providing 3,919 flats in total — including 2,561 rental, 750 Subsidised Sale Flats and 608 Senior Citizen Residences Scheme units, adding an extra of 700 flats to the estate.

Yue Kwong Chuen
Yue Kwong Chuen

Yue Kwong Chuen is awaiting redevelopment following a preliminary feasibility study conducted during the year. Further planning is required to relax a minor height restriction and readjust the floor area to satisfy the Government’s policy of providing welfare facilities equivalent to approximately five per cent of the domestic gross floor area.

To facilitate the redevelopment of Yue Kwong Chuen, a rehousing estate on the nearby Shek Pai Wan Road is being constructed, with target to provide 600 rental units by 2024.

Kwun Tong Garden Estate
Kwun Tong Garden Estate

A two-phase redevelopment scheme for Kwun Tong Garden Estate II has been drawn up. The scheme needed fine-tuning to incorporate welfare facilities equivalent to around five per cent of the domestic gross floor area. To facilitate the redevelopment planning of Kwun Tong Garden Estate II, a potential decanting site at Ting On Street has been identified. The Ting On Street project has been commenced in 2021 with target completion in 2025/26, supplying about 370 rental units.

The redevelopment of Kwun Tong Garden Estate II will provide over 5,800 subsidised housing units which is a double compared to the original, including rental units, Subsidised Sale Flats and Senior Citizen Residences Scheme flats to meet the needs of the public.

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