Social & Elderly

According to the statistics released by the Census and Statistics Department, people aged 65 or older in Hong Kong in 2016 made up 17% of the total population as compared with 13% in 2006, and it is projected to increase to 29% and 32% in 2036 and 2046 respectively.

In our role as Hong Kong’s “housing laboratory”, we at the Hong Kong Housing Society have remained resolute to develop elderly housing projects targeted at all socio-economic groups, from low- to middle- income elderly as well as those in more favourable financial conditions.

We also provide housing related services for the elderly, such as our ageing-in-place support and age-friendly home concepts for seniors in the community.

In addition to providing elderly housing and services in our own estates and housing developments, we assist the elderly in the community at large to achieve ageing-in-place through educational and experiential tours, training programmes, health screening and professional consultation services provided by the Elderly Resources Centre (ERC).

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