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For 75 years, HKHS has grown alongside Hong Kong, serving its people with a social mission and innovative thinking to create liveable homes and harmonious communities
Chan Yum-min, James
Chief Executive Officer and
Executive Director

HKHS was founded to respond to the housing needs amid the challenges of its time. Over seven decades, our journey has been defined by our unyielding commitment to act as the city's "Housing Lab" with the goal of “Creating Homes for Sustainable Living”. With this clear mission, the Management are dedicated to putting it into actions and meeting the challenges of today. In partnership with our stakeholders, we continue to work towards a sustainable and prosperous future.

Since its establishment in 1948, HKHS has been launching various housing schemes and services to address the changing needs of the community. From providing rental units since 1950s and redeveloping old buildings in urban areas since 1970s, to assisting people to achieve homeownership since 1980s and pioneering elderly housings in recent years. Each initiative reflects HKHS's flexibility and forward-thinking approach, always with the best interests of our community at heart.

As society evolves, so do the expectations for better housing and stronger commitment to sustainable development, HKHS is dedicated to putting sustainability at the core of our operations, shaping the quality of estate and property management services we provide.

The wellbeing of our residents is also at the top of our minds. We strive to foster neighbourhood cohesion and build harmonious communities through various community activities. Recognising the challenges of an ageing population, HKHS is committed to serving senior residents across socio-economic backgrounds. Our projects and services aim to facilitate ageing in place, foster an inclusive community and promote "age-friendly homes" and "inter-generational harmony". To ensure our commitment to sustainability is applied across services, we established the Sustainability Working Group (SWG) at the corporate level. The SWG unifies all teams and resources to create a cohesive approach to sustainability.

To build for the future, we have an extensive flat production programme. We are preparing for our historic high production in the next five to ten years, with plans to construct Subsidised Sale Flats projects, develop Dedicated Rehousing Estates, and redevelop ageing estates. We are dedicated to ensure the quality and timely delivery of all projects, with sustainability at the heart of our development plans.

As a housing lab, HKHS will continue to drive innovation and explore new business opportunities for long-term development. We will also leverage information and robotic technologies to further improve customer experiences and internal processes.

HKHS's achievements in social mission and continuous progress have not been possible without the guidance from the Supervisory Board and the Executive Committee, the support from our Members, and the commitment and dedication of our colleagues. We will continue to uphold our core values in facing the challenges of a complex and dynamic environment, working towards a better living environment for the people of Hong Kong.

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