CEO and Executive Director

In the past 70 years, HKHS has been paying heed to the mission of serving the community with a flexible and proactive approach and continuously evolving along with the changes of Hong Kong.
Wong Kit-loong

In a flash, the Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS) has come to the time of its 70th anniversary, while the HKHS has also witnessed the development of Hong Kong from a city of crowded low-rise tenements and unsightly squatter settlements on hillsides, into a modern high-rise metropolis.

A good environment for living and working is not a basic need, but also a solid bedrock for building strong neighbourhood relationship as well as a vibrant community. Therefore, the HKHS not only endeavoured to developing quality housing but also tackling housing problems to meet the changing needs of the community through piloting different first-of-its-kind housing schemes over the years – from building rental estates to providing subsidised sale flats in response to the aspiration of low-and middle-income families to buy their own homes; from equipping the rental units with individual kitchen and toilet to offering various kinds of facilities with a green and sustainable environment. The HKHS has helped the people in Hong Kong on their way to a better life.

Almost 20 years ago, HKHS has already anticipated the forthcoming challenges of the rapidly ageing population as well as the consequent housing needs of senior citizens. We therefore pioneered various innovative housing solutions – “ageing in place” in rental estates, “Senior Citizen Residences Scheme” integrating housing, recreation, medical and care services for middle-income elderly, “The Tanner Hill”, a quality elderly housing project providing lifestyle facilities, home-care support, healthcare, wellness and skilled-care services to more affluent elderly. It gives me great pleasure to see our elderly housing projects earning good recognition in the community.

Since its inception, HKHS has gone from strength or strength. Its remarkable accomplishments were built upon the concerted and unfailing efforts of the entire team, their tireless pursuance of excellence and persistence in innovation.  There may be new challenges ahead of us, but the HKHS will continue to uphold our mission of building quality homes and providing innovative solutions to serve the housing needs of Hong Kong people in tandem with our core value focusing on “Customer”, “Quality”, “Value” and “Prudence”.

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