CEO and Executive Director

Growing alongside Hong Kong for over 70 years, HKHS has been serving with a social mission, creating liveable homes and harmonious communities through innovative thinking.
Chan Yum-min, James
Chief Executive Officer and
Executive Director

This is a time of unprecedented challenges. The HKHS was set up in response to challenges of the time. I feel privileged to take on the role of HKHS’ CEO and Executive Director at this present time, and I am prepared to shoulder the responsibilities entrusted to me. In the face of challenges, HKHS will continue to commit to our cause and play the unique role of “Housing Laboratory”; collaborate with the different sectors to sail with the community towards a better tomorrow.

Since its establishment in 1948, HKHS has been launching various housing schemes and services to address the changing needs of the community. From providing rental units since 1950s and redeveloping old buildings in urban areas since 1970s, to assisting people to achieve homeownership since 1980s and pioneering elderly housings in recent years; all these projects reflect flexibility and forward-looking in HKHS’ development approach, serving the community with people’s best interests at heart.

As our society continues to progress, people are having increasing expectations for better housing and related services. On top of providing quality estate and property management services, HKHS serves our residents with heart and dedication. Through various community activities, we strive to strengthen the neighbourhood cohesion and build a harmonious community. In the light of the ageing population, HKHS will continue to cater to the needs of senior citizens from different socio-economic backgrounds. Through the different projects and services aiming at ageing in place, we are endeavoured to foster an inclusive community and promote the concepts of “age-friendly home” and “cross-generational harmony”.

We have a large flat production programme for the coming years. HKHS is redeveloping our ageing estates, building subsidised sale flat projects, developing dedicated rehousing estates, exploring transitional housing, etc. The coming five to ten years will be a production peak for HKHS, and we are fully prepared with sufficient resources to closely monitor the quality of all projects, and ensure their delivery according to plan.

As a housing laboratory, HKHS will not stand still. We will continue to drive innovation and explore new business for long term development. We will also tap information and robotic technologies to further improve customer experiences and internal processes.

HKHS’ fulfilment in social mission and our continuous advancement could not be achieved without the guidance from the Supervisory Board and the Executive Committee, the support from our Members, as well as the commitment and dedication of our colleagues. We will continue to uphold our core values when tackling the challenges arisen from the complex and dynamic environment, and creating a better living environment for the people of Hong Kong.

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1 April 2020

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