At the Housing Society, sustainability initiatives for various business operations have been well in place for years, while a cross-divisional Sustainability Working Group was established in 2022 under the leadership of Directors Meeting to plan, coordinate and oversee related work.

In response to the global sustainability movement, the Housing Society fully supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”), a universal blueprint for people and the planet’s continuous peace and prosperity. While the SDGs and associated targets are set out on a national scale, we have identified six SDGs that the Housing Society can contribute when solving environmental and societal issues. The alignment of our aspirations with SDGs guides us in incorporating sustainability into the planning and operation of our core businesses and daily operations, thereby creating long-term value as a responsible global citizen.
  • To ensure healthy lives of our stakeholders and promote well-being
    • Providing accessible health and social care services and facilities to our residents
    • Ensuring occupational health and safety of our staff and contractors
    • Promoting physical and mental well-being among our staff and residents
  • To promote decent working environment for employees and those in the supply chain
    • Providing an attractive working environment for employees
    • Providing training programs for talent development
    • Closely monitoring contractors’ safety management system through on-site audits and reporting to ensure the safety and security of all construction workers
  • To build quality homes for the Hong Kong community through innovative solutions
    • Developing innovative housing projects, services and adopting novel construction methods as Hong Kong’s “housing laboratory”
    • Identifying gaps in local housing policies and pioneering solutions to address unmet housing needs
    • Exploring the feasibility of Universal Design and Barrier Free Access provisions in housing projects
  • To promote sustainability and neighbourhood harmony in the Hong Kong community
    • Providing affordable housing and related services to the Hong Kong community
    • Improving the energy efficiency of our housing developments by adopting green building designs
    • Improving neighbourhoods and raising our resident’s environmental awareness
  • To preserve resources and procure responsibly in project development and property management
    • Minimising consumption and maximising reuse of resources throughout housing development and daily operations
    • Selecting environmentally friendly products and services as far as possible during procurement process
    • Encouraging responsible consumption behaviours of our residents in waste reduction and recycling
  • To take action on climate change and manage its impacts
    • Reducing carbon emissions through energy optimisation in building designs and investing into the enhancement of energy performance of existing buildings
    • Establishing guidelines for energy-efficient operation practices throughout the organisation
    • Committing to the Business Environment Council’s Low Carbon Charter with carbon reduction targets set
    • Partaking in the Environment Bureau’s “Carbon Neutrality” Partnership
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