Flat-For-Sale Scheme

Flat-For-Sale Scheme

In the late 80s, we started to develop housing units for sale at concessionary prices to the tenants in our rental estates and eligible applicants of the Government's Home Ownership Scheme (HOS). Flats under the Scheme are directly sold by the Housing Society or through the Home Ownership Centre, subject to similar application eligibility and resale restrictions as the HOS flats.

In 1989, our first Flat-For-Sale Scheme (FFSS) development at Clague Garden Estate in Tsuen Wan was completed and awarded a Certificate of Merit by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects. Since then, 10 estates have been developed providing over 10,000 units. Within a number of these developments are special facilities for the elderly, some of which are run by outside community organisations providing caring services for the senior members of the community.

Flat-For-Sale Scheme Secondary Market

In an effort to increase the turnover of Flat-For-Sale Scheme (FFSS) flats and provide more choices for public rental housing tenants and Green Form Certificate holders to own a home, and at the same time more public rental housing units can be recovered for allocation to families in need, the Housing Society (HS) formally implemented the Flat-For-Sale Scheme (FFSS) Secondary Market in September 1997.

The FFSS Secondary Market is introduced to enable FFSS/Subsidised Sale Flats Project (SSFP) flat owners to, from the third year onwards from the date of first assignment, sell their flat to eligible persons. For flats sold under the FFSS/SSFP, the date of first assignment refers to the date of assignment whereby HS first sells a flat to a purchaser. In no case shall the date of first assignment be construed as the date of occupation of the estate concerned.

For eligibility criteria and application, please click here.

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