The Housing Society has around 130,000 sq. m. of rentable commercial space including shops, offices and 9,600 carparking spaces. Most of the shops are located in some of its developments to meet tenants’ day-to-day needs.

As an independent and self-financing organisation, the Housing Society adopts  prudent commercial principles for the letting of all its commercial premises with rentals based on market value. 

The Housing Society has a number of shops/market stalls, which are mostly located at densely populated areas, currently available for letting at full market rent. Interested parties may take this opportunity to open or expand business by mailing the completed application form must be submitted in a sealed blank envelope to Hong Kong Housing Society’s Regional Office (Address: 2/F, Dragon Centre, 23 Wun Sha Street, Tai Hang, Hong Kong). Applicants shall mark clearly the Address of the Shop that they would like to apply on the envelope for identification purpose. Shop letting information and application form can be obtained at our offices in various Housing Society’s estates or by fax via our 24-hour Enquiry Hotline: (852) 2882 1717 or downloaded via the following hyperlink:

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(Next update on 9 February 2022)

We wish to draw your attention that we usually insert shop letting advertisements in Oriental Daily News on the first Friday of each month. We also accept referral of suitable tenants by property agents. Please refer to the above information for details.

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