The Housing Society has been a dedicated housing provider in constantly identifying the housing needs of different sectors of the community and developing housing options attuned to their needs. Since its inception, a total of over 74000 units have been built under different housing schemes, including Rental Estate, Rural Public Housing, Urban Improvement Scheme, Flat-for-Sale Scheme, Sandwich Class Housing Scheme, Full Market Value Development, Urban Renewal Project, Senior Citizen Residences Scheme, The Tanner Hill and Subsidised Sale Flats project.

Being a “housing laboratory”, the Housing Society is keen to apply digitalisation of building construction and management, as well as leverage innovative technologies. Applying digital technologies in project design and work supervision, and modular construction are the converging technology trends that will enable better and more effective management, enhance workers’safety and construction efficiency, as well as further mitigate the environmental impact in construction procedures.
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