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Caring, Engaging and Smart (CES)

About Us

Caring, Engaging and Smart (CES) is a multi-disciplinary team composed of social workers, occupational therapists and service officers. The CES Team operates under “Estate-based Social Support Network Model” by adopting “Caring”, “Engaging” and “Smart” as the service values. The team provides housing, health as well as social support to the tenants through case management, therapeutic groups and programmes. By forming neighbourhood mutual support networks, trust, solidarity, and reciprocity are also developed among the tenants, so as to achieve “Building Closer Neighbourhood for a Stronger Community”. This model would facilitate synergy among different levels of services, help our tenants build social capital and support elders to age in place.

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Development History

Hong Kong Housing Society (Housing Society) founded the Housing Society Community in 2003, followed by the introduction of services from registered social workers in 2010, and the launch of the Ageing-in-Place Scheme in 2012 respectively, to support the housing, health and social needs of elders in rental estates, so as to facilitate them to age in place.

Leveraging the success of the Housing Society Community, the Ageing-in-Place Scheme and social worker services, the Housing Society formed the Caring, Engaging and Smart (CES) team in January 2021. Through providing more comprehensive services, the team facilitates the building of neighbourhood mutual support network among tenants of rental estates for expanding their social capital.

Service Vision

  • Caring : to foster mutual care and support among tenants
  • Engaging: to facilitate cross-sectoral and inter-generational participation
  • Smart: to utilize smart technology for service enhancement

Service Targets

Tenants of all ages living in HKHS rental estates

Service Scope

CES team endeavours to provide housing support, health care support and social support to tenants in estates, and to facilitate mutual support in the neighbourhood, so as to strengthen their social capital and support elders to age in place.

  • Housing Support: To improve the home safety of elderly families in need, Occupational Therapists will assess the living environment and recommend retrofitting items on home modification, flat remodeling and prescribe assistive devices. CES also promotes the use of Gerontechnology in estates to facilitate convenient lives of tenants.
  • Health Care SupportTherapeutic groups and activities, e.g. health screening, groups on exercises, fall prevention, cognitive training, chronic disease management, mental wellness, etc, are organised in estates to facilitate self-health management and enhance physical and mental wellness of tenants.
  • Social SupportGreat variety of social activities, e.g. interest classes, outdoor activities, exchange activities, festival celebration and cross-estate activities, are organised to facilitate tenants to broaden their social circle and establish harmonious and joyful atmosphere in estates.
  • Mutual Support: Thematic neighbourhood mutual support networks, including: caregiver support, neighbourhood caring, home living support, health management, mental wellness and intergenerational harmony, are developed upon the characteristics and needs of estates. These networks will be continuously strengthened to serve as a safety net for enhancing the mutual trust and resilience of tenants.
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