Letting Scheme for Subsidised Sale Developments with Premium Unpaid

Under the“Letting Scheme for Subsidised Sale Developments with Premium Unpaid” (“Letting Scheme 2019”), eligible owners of designated subsidised sale flats of HKHS and Hong Kong Housing Authority are allowed to let their flats/bedrooms to eligible households with premium unpaid. “Letting Scheme 2019” aims to optimise the utilisation of existing housing resources while providing a transitional housing option for the people who are applying for public housing and have the need to improve the living environment.  Application for eligible owners will open starting from 18 November 2019 while application for tenant households will open in December this year. 

Commencing from 18 November 2019, interested owners can get more information about the Scheme, obtain or download the “Letting Scheme 2019” application form via the following locations or platform:
(1) HKHS Applications Section (G/F, Dragon Centre, 23 Wun Sha Street, Tai Hang, Hong Kong)
(2) HKHS Rental Estate Offices
(3) Designated webpage of “Letting Scheme 2019”(lettingscheme.hkhs.com)
(4) Home Affairs Enquiry Centres of the Home Affairs Department (from 18 November to 20 December 2019)
For more details, please contact the Scheme hotline 8108 0678 or refer to the Press Release.

Transitional Rental Housing Scheme

Kwun Tong Garden Estate

It is anticipated that the Housing Society’s rental estate in Kwun Tong, viz Kwun Tong Garden Estate, will be redeveloped in phases in 2025, with Yin Chee Lau and Hay Cheuk Lau fall under the first phase. As such, the Housing Society has refurbished some of the vacant domestic flats therein for use as transitional housing so as to optimise the use of existing housing resources. Application is opened to those queuing for the Hong Kong Housing Authority’s public rental housing, with an aim to improve their living environment. 

Application Period: 12 February 2020 to 10 March 2020 (Application has been closed)

Ballot Result: Applicants may click here for checking their “priority number” or through the Applications Section of HS in person (Address: G/F, Dragon Centre, 23 Wun Sha Street, Tai Hang, Hong Kong). All applicants (including online applicants) will receive individual written notification about their “priority number”.

Enquiry Hotline: (852) 8103 0330

Yue Kwong Chuen

In 2018, the Housing Society launched its first “T-Home” project at Yue Kwong Chuen, providing over 200 domestic flats as transitional housing. These refurbished flats were made available for those queuing for the Hong Kong Housing Authority’s public rental housing to apply for temporary stay.  The application of Yue Kwong Chuen’s “T-Home” was closed in August 2018 and all flats were allocated to eligible applicants. You may click here for the ballot result.

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