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Housing Society Clinches Gold Award for
Best Use of Social Media in PR Awards 2019

The Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS) was presented the Gold Award in the category of “Best Use of Social Media” in the PR Awards 2019 (“the Awards”), in recognition of its outstanding social media strategy and plan.  The Awards Presentation Ceremony was held on 30 August.  Aiming for stakeholder engagement, HKHS has developed an interactive communication platform with extensive and creative contents through various social media channels.  Organised by《Marketing》magazine, the Awards are dedicated to honour excellent public relations campaigns across Asia.  This year, the Awards received more than 400 entries and the judging panel was composed by independent public relations veterans coming from different industries in the region.
HKHS Deputy Chief Executive Officer James Chan said, “Playing the unique role of ‘housing laboratory’, HKHS keeps abreast of the times and launches innovative housing projects in response to community aspirations.  We have always put great effort into connecting with our stakeholders.  Committed to innovation and action, our corporate communications team well utilises social media and technology to foster close ties between HKHS and the public through concise and heartwarming stories featured in social media channels, thereby reaching out to more young people to communicate our vision and mission in serving the community.”
To enhance the corporate image and promote its work, HKHS has been building good rapport with different stakeholders including residents, shop tenants and the public through the social media.  The “Housing Society Community” Facebook Fan Page (, which was launched in 2017, does not only share narrative contents but also live broadcasting, memorable images, as well as videos of “KOLs”, HKHS staff, management team, and residents to vividly showcase HKHS’s projects, services, policies and tips for everyday life, creating a unique HKHS community.  Residents and members of the public also give feedbacks and send their enquiries through the Fan Page to keep HKHS updated about the needs and views of stakeholders.
Since its launch, the Facebook Fan Page has featured more than 370 stories, garnering a total of 980,000 views.  As at the end of June 2019, the Fan Page had recorded 70% growth of its followers from last year.  In a bid to further expand the reach to more audiences, HKHS’s official Instagram account ( was launched in May 2019, forming a diverse array of communication platforms together with YouTube designated channel ( and the official website (  Looking forward, HKHS will continue to strengthen its connections with stakeholders via creative information and diversified channels.

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