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"T-Home" at Trackside Villas Receives Over 1,000 Applications

The application for "T-Home" Transitional Housing Scheme at Trackside Villas was closed on 2 June 2020.  A total of 1,141 applications have been received, of which 609 are from 3-person households, 453 from 4-person households, 76 from 5-person households and 3 from 6-person households.

Computer balloting for the applications will be conducted on 19 June to determine the priority numbers of applicants for flat allocation.  Based on the applicants' priority numbers and family size, invitation will be sent to the applicants for vetting and flat allocation.  The applicants who accept the flat assigned will be required to sign the Sub-licence, and the first batch of successful applicants are expected to move in in August 2020.  All applicants will only be offered one single opportunity of flat allocation.  If the offer is refused, or if the applicant does not attend the flat allocation procedures, the application concerned will be cancelled.

HKHS signed a Licence Agreement with MTR Corporation Limited on the use of their property, Trackside Villas, to operate a transitional housing project for five years.  Currently a total of 185 units are available to be converted into transitional housing.  Among those, over 130 units will be operated by HKHS as "T-Home" and approximately 50 remaining units will be handed over to the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for sub-letting and operation.

Applicants may call the Scheme Hotline 8103-0330 for enquiries.  Details of the Scheme are also available at the website

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