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Housing Society's Staff Awarded The Ombudsman’s Awards for Officers of Public Organisations

A staff member of the Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS) was honoured with the 2020 Ombudsman's Awards for Officers of Public Organisations organised by the Office of The Ombudsman in recognition of his professional manner in handling complaints and his commitment in providing quality customer services.

The awardee, Assistant Manager (Property Management) Kelvin Liu, has joined the HKHS for ten years and is mainly responsible for the rehousing arrangements of the redevelopment project of Ming Wah Dai Ha in recent years. He has contributed to the effective communications with various stakeholders including the Mutual Aid Committees, residents and District Council members, and provided assistance and support to the affected residents. His positive and proactive attitude in handling residents' complaints and helping the complainants to solve their problems is commendable, demonstrating the core value of being customer-centric of the property management team.

HKHS Chief Executive Officer James Chan said, "We are delighted to share the joy of our staff being awarded and thankful for the recognition of the Office of The Ombudsman to the unfailing effort of our team. The Housing Society will continue to serve our residents with quality housing and estate management services, and handle different opinions with a positive attitude in the hope of creating a harmonious and liveable community."

The Ombudsman's Awards Scheme was introduced in 1997 and extended to honour individual public officers in 1999. The Awards aim to acknowledge professionalism in handling complaints, honour individual public officers for their significant contribution in improving public service, and to foster a positive culture of service in the public sector.

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