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Towngas collaborates with Hong Kong Housing Society in on- & off-line Parents' Day event

The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas) collaborated with the Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS) for the first time on the "Care for Parents" event, celebrating Father's and Mother's Day together with over 400 seniors. Volunteers and staff from the two organisations hosted the event offline and online through video conference earlier (15 May 2021) at the hall of Cheerful Court, a HKHS’s Senior Citizen Residences Scheme, to spread positive vibes and share joy with the elderly in spite of the pandemic.

The participants came from 11 rental and elderly housing estates as well as three residential care homes for the elderly under HKHS. The event comprised an array of activities including "reinvigorating exercises" led by a physiotherapist from HKHS, encouraging the seniors to foster healthy habits. Sharing session on household safety, singing performances and prize quizzes were also held.

Mr Lam Ho-ling, Chairman of Towngas Volunteer Service Team (TVST), said, "Family is the foundation of society, while parents are the pillar of the family and the model for their children. In order to express our respect and gratitude for them, TVST is hosting the 'Care for Parents' event in celebration of both Father's Day and Mother's Day to highlight the importance of caring for our parents."

Dr Carmen Ng Ka-man, General Manager (Elderly Services) of HKHS, said, "HKHS has always been committed to promoting 'ageing in place', with a multidisciplinary senior services team to care for the different needs of senior residents. It is our pleasure to collaborate with TVST on this event to share the joy of Father's Day and Mother's Day with the elderly during the pandemic."

Established in 1999, TVST has accumulated over 960,000 hours of service throughout its 22-year history. Through various activities, the team has cared for various sectors of society while promoting social harmony. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 last year, numerous volunteering events have had to be postponed in order to avoid crowds. With the pandemic coming under control, TVST collaborated with HKHS to liaise with various housing estates and organise a party to have fun with the elderly during the festive period while maintaining social distancing measures. The volunteers also prepared a gift bag for each participant to share the joy.

As a "housing laboratory", HKHS pioneered elderly housing and developed various housing projects catering for different groups in the community. With the aim to promote "ageing in place", HKHS cares for the diverse needs of seniors ranging from housing to mental and physical health as well as social needs.

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