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Housing Society and 3 Hong Kong Jointly Support "Arts in the aiR" Campaign:
Promoting Art-Tech in Public Housing Estates
by Integrating Mobile Network and Augmented Reality

The "Arts in the aiR" campaign, launched at the end of June 2021, was supported by the Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS) and 3 Hong Kong, the mobile arm of Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Limited (HTHKH).  This campaign is one of the initiatives of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council’s Arts Go Digital Platform Scheme.  

HKHS has offered 20 rental estates as venues for the campaign, while 3 Hong Kong has sponsored the arts campaign with cash and provided 5G network connectivity at event venues.  Members of the public can download the campaign's mobile app to enjoy original art performances by local young artists through augmented reality (AR) instantly in HKHS's public housing estates, enabling users to experience "Art Tech" without time or geographical limit.

Enjoy performances anytime on the app

"Arts in the aiR" is organised by Tachycardia Arts and Technology Limited, an arts and technology organisation, and is developed by a local young erhu performer Tung Tsz-ching and her team.  By integrating technology, performing arts and the environment, the campaign enables public housing estate residents and the public to enjoy performances interposed with the architectural design of HKHS’s estates anytime.

Founder of the "Arts in the aiR" campaign, Tung Tsz-ching said. "During the pandemic, I often walk around the estate where I live to think about the new development trend of arts and culture.  I talked with my neighbours and learned that they mainly stayed in the estate because of ageing, thereby inspiring me to develop the campaign integrating technology, arts and the environment in an easily accessible way.  The project is also supported by the 'Arts Go Digital Platform Scheme' of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, allowing me to bring my ideas from imagination to reality."

Staging performing arts at rental estates anytime anywhere

HKHS Corporate Communications Director Pamela Leung said, "Apart from providing housing units to our community, Housing Society is also committed to creating a quality living environment for our residents.  This collaboration brings music and performing arts into rental estates through AR technology, enabling residents and the public to enjoy a wide array of performances beyond geographical and time boundaries during the pandemic.  We believe that the campaign will bring positive energy coupled with arts and culture into the community, and at the same time promote the creativity of young artists which echoes our social mission in supporting youth development."

Unleashing huge 5G potential to support the sustainable development of Art Tech

HTHKH Director of Corporate and Marketing Communications Frances Ng said, "We are committed to social responsibility and devoted to promoting the sustainable development of arts and culture.  Our support and sponsorship to the campaign promotes the application of Art Tech, brings new business opportunities to the creative industry and unleashes the huge potentials of 5G technology.  Members of the public can leverage 3 Hong Kong’s mobile network with its high capacity and comprehensive coverage to enjoy a variety of performing arts from different countries and regions at public areas in real time, encouraging an inter-communal community."

The "Arts in the aiR" campaign kick started at the end of June 2021 in HKHS's estates, and will be rolled out in three phases.  The first phase includes five estates, namely Kwun Tong Garden Estate, Yue Kwong Chuen, Ming Wah Dai Ha, Lok Man Sun Chuen and Chun Seen Mei Chuen.  By scanning the QR codes in designated locations within these estates using the campaign app, the public can enjoy five original performances by local young artists, including Chinese music, Western music, Indian-Pakistan folk songs, dance and drama, whilst appreciating the architectural aesthetics of the estates.

The second and third phases will be launched from July to August 2021, and extends to all rental estates of HKHS.  The campaign will be held until the end of this year, allowing more people to experience the fun of arts and technology.

The app also includes an introduction of each rental estate and a collection of estate photos by an award-winning photographer of the National Geographic Youth Photo Contest.

Download the “Arts in the aiR” app:



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