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Housing Society and Property Management Contractors Pledge to
Accomplish Occupational Safety and Health in the Workplace

Placing strong emphasis on occupational safety and health, the Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS) endeavors to promote a safe and healthy work culture across various fronts of business operations.  In order to enhance the awareness of frontline staff, the Property Management Division of HKHS launched a "Safety and Health Week" and signed the Safety Charter with its contractors, pledging to create a safe workplace together.

HKHS Director (Property Management) Sanford Poon said, "The Housing Society is providing professional property management services for more than 130,000 residents, covering over 52,000 homes under our 20 rental estates, elderly housing projects, managed properties as well as retail and commercial premises etc.  As an integral part of our quality services, we attach great importance to the workplace safety of frontline staff and adopt a multi-pronged approach to create a healthy and safe work environment.  The ‘Safety and Health Week’ held this year unites colleagues and service contractors through a series of activities, putting the work culture of “be safe and healthy” into practice in joint effort with an aim to achieve the shared vision of 'zero accident'."

The "Safety and Health Week" was held successfully from 14 to 18 November with a lineup of different activities including workplace safety trainings, occupational safety and health seminars, health risk assessments, visits and more.  Virtual Reality trainings were also introduced with various experiential simulated scenarios such as the use of lifting platforms and different tools, enabling frontline staff to learn the correct safety procedures and strengthen safety precaution against risks.  The Property Management Division also signed a Safety Charter with eight contractors from cleaning, security and gardening services, pledging to provide a safe workplace and proper occupational safety and health trainings to staff.

Led by its management, HKHS's Property Management Division has set up a Safety Committee to develop plans and actions on occupational safety and health.  In 2021/22, a total of 30 HKHS managed premises have achieved zero accident, with six of them maintaining a record of zero accident for ten consecutive years or more.  During the year, a total attendance of more than 2,000 from the Property Management Division was recorded for safety trainings and seminars to reinforce occupational health and safety-related knowledge and skills.

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