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Housing Society Launches New Round of Community Care Campaign
with All-age Anti-stress Stretching Exercises to Set GUINNESS WORLD RECORD

The Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS) held a launch ceremony for its new round of Community Care Campaign focused on mental health at Lai Tak Tsuen today (10 December).  Participants of all ages, including representatives of partnering organisations, residents of HKHS's rental estates, members of the HS Academy Alumni Club as well as student nurses, jointly performed a set of stretching exercises to promote physical and mental health and fuel the community with positivity.

At the ceremony, nearly five hundred on-site and online participants performed together a simple stretch routine led by the instructor of InspiringHK, setting a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the "Most People Stretching Simultaneously Online and in a Single Venue".

HKHS Corporate Communications Director Pamela Leung said, "Recent surveys have revealed that the people are encountering varying levels of mental health problems due to the prolonged pandemic.  In the next three months, HKHS will collaborate with ten partnering organisations to launch a series of online and offline activities, covering individuals, families and communities, offering mental health information and organising workshops for our residents and the community.  We will also arrange home visits to the elderly living in our rental estates for physical and emotional check-up, and sponsor family-based fitness training courses, in order to arouse greater awareness of personal mental health and community care, maintaining physical and mental well-being for a positive life under the new normal."

This new round of Community Care Campaign aims to improve everyone’s mental health.  It is also extended from the "Community Care Campaign" launched in response to the fifth wave of the pandemic early this year, with the following major components:

  1. Be good to yourself : HKHS will work with non-profit organisations to organise a series of online and offline meeting sessions and workshops, and to share mental health and stress relief information with residents through the “HS Estate Info” app and booklets.
  1. Love your family HKHS will sponsor social enterprise to organise fitness training courses that are suitable for all members of the family, advocating regular daily exercise, cultivating positive thinking, and encouraging intergenerational solidarity.  HKHS will also set up display booths in its rental estates to introduce a variety of trending sports, enabling residents to experience and enjoy the fun and benefits of doing exercises.
  1. Support your neighbours Members of the HS Academy Alumni Club and a group of student nurses will form a volunteer team to conduct door-to-door health checks for the elderly in the HKHS’s rental estates.  HKHS will also work with social welfare organisations to deploy Mobile Vans for Publicity Service on Mental Wellness to different HKHS’s rental estates and promote mental health awareness.

For more information, please refer to the programme booklet here.  Below is the list of partnering organisations of the Community Care Campaign (in alphabetical order):

Christian Family Service Centre
Mental Health Foundation HK
Mind HK
New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association - newlife·330
RunOurCity Foundation
St. James' Settlement
The Mental Health Association of Hong Kong
The School of Continuing Education of Hong Kong Baptist University
TWGHS Wellness Express
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