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Housing Society Gives Away Cash Coupons of Shopping Promotion Campaign
Boosting Local Spending in Celebration of Its 75th Anniversary

In celebration of its 75th anniversary, the Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS) is set to launch the Shopping Promotion Campaign in January 2023.  Residents of its 20 rental estates and elderly housing projects, as well as HKHS staff and their family members, will each be offered one set of cash coupons in the sum of HK$100 which can be used at more than 200 participating shops run by commercial tenants at HKHS premises.

HKHS Chief Executive Officer James Chan said, "As the community is on way to resume normalcy in the coming year, the Housing Society launches the Shopping Promotion Campaign 2023 in the hope of stimulating local spending, while sharing the joy with our residents and commercial tenant in welcoming the 75th anniversary of the Housing Society.  This will also be our third shopping promotion campaign since the onset of the epidemic, with nearly 90,000 sets of cash coupons being prepared for distribution."

Residents will receive the cash coupons in December this year for use at participating shops from 1 January to 31 January 2023.  One HK$20 cash coupon can be used for transaction worth HK$20 or more, and multiple cash coupons can be used for one single purchase.  The campaign has received generous support and participation from merchants in catering and household goods business, medical and care service sectors, supermarkets, convenience stores and more, covering a wide range of daily necessities. 

For details of the campaign, please refer to HKHS website.

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