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Housing Society’s First MiC Subsidised Sale Project Honoured “Outstanding”
First Batch of MiC Modules Hoisted Smoothly On Site

For the first Subsidised Sale Flats project at the Dedicated Rehousing Estate of Hung Shui Kiu / Ha Tsuen New Development Area Phase IA built with Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) in concrete by the Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS), the first batch of MiC modules were transported to the construction site earlier this month, and the hoisting process has been in good progress.  Scheduled for completion in 2024, the project has clinched two awards at the MiC Achievement Ceremony organised by the Construction Industry Council.

HKHS Director (Projects) Franki Yeung said, “The project team of Housing Society embraced the innovative spirit to take the lead in introducing MiC in 2018, in response to the Government’s initiative of adopting this type of construction technology.  The hoisting work of the modules for the first MiC Subsidised Sale Flats project has commenced smoothly, marking a significant milestone for the project and bringing us valuable experience.  The project has won two remarkable awards in the industry, which is a great morale boost for the team.  In future, the Housing Society will adopt MiC in its projects wherever appropriate and beneficial to the construction efficiency.”

MiC helps reduce site construction time and waste, enhance environmental efficiency, while contributing to improve project quality and site safety.  All MiC modules are produced according to unified standards in factories, enabling effective quality control and improving the efficiency of project management and supervision.  For the Subsidised Sale Flats project at Hung Shui Kiu / Ha Tsuen New Development Area, the adoption of MiC can save about 10% to 15% of the superstructure construction time compared with the traditional method, shortening the superstructure work period to about 24 months.  Using as many as 13 different types of modules in this project, the total number of modules in the entire building is more than 1,200, and each unit is made of four modules on average.

The Dedicated Rehousing Estate at Hung Shui Kiu / Ha Tsuen New Development Area will be developed in three phases, with the Subsidised Sale Flats in Phase IA being built with MiC in concrete.  The 27-storey building including 25 floors of residential units will provide 300 Subsidised Sale Flats upon completion.

At the MiC Achievement Ceremony organised by the Construction Industry Council, HKHS received two awards for this project, including the “Outstanding MiC Project” award.  HKHS Director (Projects) Franki Yeung was also awarded the “MiC Champions” in recognition of the outstanding performance and contribution of the team in promoting and implementing MiC.

The Ceremony aims to recognise outstanding local MiC projects, project teams, advocates and practitioners for their efforts and contributions in actively promoting and adopting MiC to improve productivity, quality, sustainability and safety.

The video of the project is available for downloading here.

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