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“T-Home” at Trackside Villas Opens for New Round of Application

The Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS) announced that the “T-Home” at Trackside Villas will be open for a new round of application from 14 February 2023 to 27 February 2023, offering transitional housing for eligible families on the waiting list of public rental housing.

HKHS signed a Licence Agreement with the MTR Corporation Limited (MTRC) in 2019 on the use of Trackside Villas, a MTRC property located in Tai Po, to operate a transitional housing project, whereas its first round of application was launched in 2020.  Trackside Villas provides a total of more than 180 transitional housing units.  With some of the residents having been allocated public rental housing units and moved out, about thirty units will be open for new round of application by eligible families of three to six persons who have been on the waiting list of public rental housing for three years or above.  Applicants who are currently on the waiting list of other “T-Home” projects under HKHS are also welcome to submit application for Trackside Villas. 

HKHS Director (Property Management) Sanford Poon said, “By optimising the use of existing housing resources, the Housing Society has rolled out several ‘T-Home’ projects since 2018, helping the grassroots families to improve their living conditions.  It is hoped that, by fully utilising every housing unit and introducing this new round of open application, more needy families will be benefitted.”

Details of the “T-Home” at Trackside Villas are as follows:

No. of  occupants Internal Floor Area
of the Flats (m2)
Monthly Sub-licence Fee*
(inclusive of rates)
3 to 4 About 27-29 About $2,856 - $3,060
5 to 6 About 41-47 About $4,386 - $5,100

* In case of any future adjustments on the Monthly Sub-licence Fee, HKHS will notify the concerned households in writing at least one month in advance according to the clauses of the Sub-licence.

Eligibility criteria of Trackside Villas “T-Home” applicants are as follows:

  1. Families of three to six persons whose applications for public rental housing (PRH) of the Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) have been registered for three years or more (i.e. the registration date is on or before 28 February 2020); and 
  2. The application for PRH of HA must remain valid at any time from the registration date for application of HA’s PRH up to the commencement of the Sub-licence and during the subsistence of the Sub-licence; and 
  3. The information of the applicant and his/her family member(s) must be the same as that of the application for PRH of HA; and
  4. The applicant and his/her family member(s) must comply with the existing policies and criteria for applying PRH of HA (including but not limited to number of family members, income and asset limit), and must not own directly or indirectly in any manner any domestic property in Hong Kong (including subsidised sale flats) at any time from the date of application for HA’s PRH up to the commencement of the Sub-licence and during the subsistence of the Sub-licence.

Computer balloting will be conducted in late-March this year to determine the priority numbers of applicants.  Based on the applicants’ priority numbers and family size, invitations will be sent to the applicants for vetting and flat allocation procedures.  All applicants will only be offered one single chance of flat allocation.  If the offer is declined, or the applicant fails to attend the flat allocation procedures, the application will be cancelled.  

Upon acceptance of the flat assigned, applicants will be required to sign the Sub-licence.  The first batch of licensees is expected to move in by May 2023.  

During the application period, the Application Form and Application Guide can be obtained at the following locations and online platform:

  1. HKHS Applications Section (G/F, Dragon Centre, 23 Wun Sha Street, Tai Hang, Hong Kong) 
  2. HKHS Estate Offices 
  3. HKHS dedicated webpage (
  4. Home Affairs Enquiry Centres of the Home Affairs Department 

Submissions can be made online, by post or by hand, and the application is free of charge.  Enquiries can be made via the HKHS Transitional Rental Housing Scheme Hotline 8103 0330.

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