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HKHS Launches Community ESG Programme
Teaming Up All Estate Residents to GO GREEN

The Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS) runs a Community ESG Programme from July to December this year to raise public awareness and enhance community involvement in “Environmental, Social and Governance” (ESG). A launch ceremony was held today (July 11) at the Prosperous Garden in Yau Ma Tei to mark the kick-off of this largest estate-based carbon reduction campaign in Hong Kong so far. Through the newly developed mobile app “Zero2”, the participants’ actions to reduce carbon emission will be quantified and digitised for earning various rewards offered by more than 500 participating shops and restaurants. It is hoped that the programme will encourage some 30,000 households in HKHS’s 20 rental estates to take part in contributing to the sustainable development and carbon neutralilty vision of Hong Kong, while at the same time promoting community-based green economy.

The launch ceremony was officiated by HKHS Chairman Walter Chan and Chairman of the Council for Carbon Neutrality and Sustainable Development Dr Lam Ching-choi, attended by about 100 guests, including members of the Council for Carbon Neutrality and Sustainable Development, HKHS Members and its management team, representatives of Zero2 developer, participating merchants, HKHS residents and more.

HKHS Chairman Walter Chan said, “In the face of global climate change and the long-term development needs of society, there is a pressing need to promote sustainable development. Through this programme, we hope to bring together the community and encourage the residents and staff of HKHS to develop green and healthy living habits in their daily life of ‘Clothing, Food, Living and Walking’, echoing the theme of HKHS’s 75th anniversary ‘Creating Homes for Sustainable Living’.”

Walter Chan continued, “HKHS has set up an inter-divisional sustainability working group last year to plan, co-ordinate and oversee the implementation of relevant initiatives across businesses in a more structured manner. HKHS has also identified six relevant Sustainability Development Goals of the United Nations as the basis of our sustainability blueprint.”

Chairman of the Council for Carbon Neutrality and Sustainable Development Dr Lam Ching-choi said, “The Hong Kong Housing Society celebrates its 75th anniversary with the theme of ‘Creating Homes for Sustainable Living’, reflecting its strong commitment to improving people’s living environment and its concern about sustainable development. In Hong Kong, achieving sustainability not only requires long-term decarbonisation strategies from the government but also proactive participation by citizens in adopting low-carbon lifestyles.”

A series of roadshows were conducted across HKHS’s rental estates and offices in June to promote the campaign with successful registration of over 10,000 participants within a month. To participate in the Community ESG Programme, residents can simply download the “Zero2” mobile app and join the “Hong Kong Housing Society” Community therein to carry out carbon reduction missions in four areas — “Clothing, Food, Living and Walking”. Details of the missions are as follows:

  Scope   Carbon Reduction Mission
  • •  *Recycle used clothing
  • •  Say “No” to single-use cutlery and containers for takeaway
  • •  Reduce water, electricity and gas consumption
  • •  *Recycle plastic bottles, aluminium cans, paper and glass bottles
  • •  Bring your own bag
  • •  Walking challenge
  • •  Learn about carbon reduction through game in the app

*  HKHS booths will be set up in its rental estates to assist residents with recycling missions and reward registration.

For every mission completed, participants will earn coins, achieve CO2 reduction and be rewarded with positive energy. The coins can be redeemed for various discounts on spending and fabulous prizes from participating shops and restaurants across the city, as well as gifts at the gift vending machines in HKHS’s rental estates. In addition, there is a leader board in the app to display the ranking of the top 10 participants based on their CO2 reduction results. The resident of HKHS’s rental estate achieving the highest accumulated CO2 reduction by the end of the campaign on 31 December 2023 will win the grand prize of an electric car. Other hot prizes include popular household appliances and theme park accommodation packages.

For more details of the Community ESG Programme, please visit the following link:

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