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A Novel Board Game of HKHS Makes a Debut at Book Fair
Promoting Housing Knowledge and Intergenerational Solidarity

The Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS) debuted a novel board game of its 75th Anniversary at the Hong Kong Book Fair today (19 July), in the hope of encouraging the younger generation, through “edutainment”, to learn about local housing development and the milestones of HKHS being a “housing laboratory”.  From now to 25 July, visitors of the “Hong Kong Book Fair 2023” held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre are welcome to have an experience of the board game in HKHS’s booth.

Designed by HKHS, the innovative board game is the first of its kind in Hong Kong developed along the theme of the city’s housing development journey.  The board game features textual information with images to tell the stories of HKHS’s rental estates and its various housing projects, integrating the knowledge of Hong Kong’s housing ladder, sustainability as well as intergenerational solidarity.

HKHS Chief Executive Officer James Chan said, “HKHS endeavours to pass on the mission of building homes to the new generation and has been dedicated to nurturing young talents for the housing industry.  With a play-and-learn approach, the board game closely suits the interest of young people and helps them acquire knowledge and understanding about the concept of housing ladder as well as HKHS’s role as a ‘housing laboratory’.  The game also blends in elderly-friendly designs with an oversized board, aiming to foster intergenerational bonding.  The junior and senior players can share their stories about homes and living as they enjoy the board game together.  We have also invited teachers and students of the primary and secondary schools located at our rental estates to come and have fun.  A school outreach program will also be rolled out in the upcoming school year, using this board game to engage primary and secondary school students through game-based education.”

HKHS’s booth at the “Children’s Paradise” zone (booth 3G-B04) of the Hong Kong Book Fair is one of the community engagement initiatives of HKHS’s 75th Anniversary under the theme of “Creating Homes for Sustainable Living”.  The booth is specially designed, referenced upon Sheung Li Uk, the first public rental estate in Hong Kong built by HKHS.  The board game mascot will also show up to interact and take photos with the public in scheduled hours.

For more details of the HKHS’s 75th Anniversary celebration events, please visit the following link:

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