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Housing Society Completes the Modules Installation for the
First Subsidised Sale Flats Project Built with MiC
Achieving Numerous First Attempts

The installation of all Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) modules at Phase IA of the Hong Kong Housing Society’s (HKHS) Dedicated Rehousing Estate in the Hung Shui Kiu / Ha Tsuen New Development Area, the first Subsidised Sale Flats project built with concrete MiC, has been completed successfully.  The Secretary for Housing Winnie Ho, Principal Assistant Secretary (Works) of the Development Bureau Frankie Fung, HKHS Chairman Walter Chan, HKHS Chief Executive Officer James Chan and HKHS Members witnessed the important project milestone of the hoisting of the last MiC module at the construction site.

The entire development is composed of 1,225 MiC modules in total.  Upon completion of installation of the last MiC module, the guests visited the MiC units on the second floor of the development to appreciate the hand-over standard of the flats, including the flooring, kitchen cabinet and equipment, sanitary facilities, balcony and more.  All the facilities were pre-assembled inside the MiC modules in off-site factories before being transported to the construction site for installation.

Dedicated Rehousing Estate is one of the new collaboration initiatives of HKHS and the Government, which provides non-means-tested rehousing arrangements for households affected by the Government’s development clearance exercises.  As a close partner of the Government, HKHS will continue to support the Government’s housing strategy of “Enhancing Quantity, Speed, Efficiency and Quality”.  HKHS will also strive to explore and develop different housing solutions, while actively leveraging MiC and other innovative smart technologies to create quality homes for Hong Kong people.

The project team of HKHS has pioneered the adoption of MiC, demonstrating HKHS’s role as a “housing laboratory” and its determination to apply innovative construction technologies with great versatility.  MiC helps enhance productivity, site safety and quality assurance, as well as environmental effectiveness.  This pilot MiC project at the Hung Shui Kiu/Ha Tsuen New Development Area successfully saved the time and manpower of the onsite superstructure works.  Only 10 months were taken to complete the installation of 1,225 modules, shortening the duration of superstructure works from 28 months to 24 months.  As the internal fitting-out of all units has been pre-assembled, two-thirds of on-site manpower was saved as a result.  Construction waste and carbon emissions have also been reduced, contributing to HKHS’s pursuit of “Creating Homes for Sustainable Living”.

This project has also chalked up several notable attempts.  Apart from being the first HKHS project built with MiC in concrete, it is the first MiC Subsidised Sale Flats project, as well as the first Dedicated Rehousing Estate to be completed, and the first residential project in Hong Kong with pre-assembled MiC balconies.  In order to overcome the challenge of transportation on height, the HKHS team has pioneered the connection of MiC balconies with the prefabricated modules successfully to reduce the height of MiC modules.

Earlier at the MiC Achievement Ceremony organised by the Construction Industry Council, HKHS received two awards for this project, including the “Outstanding MiC Project” award.  HKHS Director (Projects) Franki Yeung was honoured the “MiC Champions” in recognition of the excellent performance and contribution of the team in promoting and implementing MiC.

The Dedicated Rehousing Estate at the Hung Shui Kiu/Ha Tsuen New Development Area is being developed in phases. Scheduled for completion in 2024, Phase IA comprises a 27-storey building including 25 floors of residential units that will provide 300 subsidised sale flats.

The video of the project is available for downloading here.

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