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HKHS's "Chung Yuet Lau" Open for Transfer Application
New Modular Block for Elderly Households with Lifetime Rent Exemption

The Hong Kong Housing Society’s (HKHS) brand new elderly housing project “Chung Yuet Lau” at Jat Min Chuen in Sha Tin, which is built with Modular Integrated Construction (MiC), will soon be completed.  It is now open for transfer application from elderly under-occupation (UO) households across HKHS rental estates.  Eligible households who successfully transferred to “Chung Yuet Lau” will enjoy lifetime full rent exemption and a one-off removal allowance.  Resident intake is expected to start in the second quarter of 2024 the soonest.

HKHS Director (Property Management) Sanford Poon said, “Chung Yuet Lau is built specifically for HKHS’s elderly UO households, with the objective to promote ‘ageing in place’ and optimise the use of existing housing resources.  All the new flats of Chung Yuet Lau come with kitchen cabinets, a range hood and an electric water heater.  To make the home safe and comfortable for the elderly, barrier-free and age-friendly designs are adopted, including accessible kitchen and bathroom, electric switches are placed at convenient locations for the elderly and wheelchair users.  Lifetime full rent and rates exemption will be offered to elderly households of Chung Yuet Lau who fully comply with relevant rent-free requirement throughout their tenancy period.  A one-off removal allowance will also be provided as an incentive for the elderly households to surrender their UO units, which will be reallocated to other households in need, achieving the objective of optimising the use of public housing resources.”

All the elderly UO households living in HKHS rental estates, with all family members aged 60 or above on or before 30 November 2023, are eligible to apply for transfer to “Chung Yuet Lau” (except Rural Public Housing and Group B Rental Estates).  Applicants shall not possess any residential property in Hong Kong.  Those elderly UO households with all tenants aged 65 or above will be given priority in flat allocation, while those living in Jat Min Chuen will also enjoy priority in the overall transfer arrangement.  HKHS has distributed application forms to all eligible elderly UO households.  Completed forms can be submitted to the respective Estate Management Offices by 30 November 2023.

The 10-storey “Chung Yuet Lau” will provide 64 age-friendly units of studio design for accommodation of one to two persons, with an internal floor area of about 21m2.  Each unit is equipped with kitchen cabinets, a range hood and an electric water heater.  Age-friendly facilities include double door viewers, low door curbs, bathroom with sliding door and handrails, non-slip shower chair, user-friendly faucets, low-height kitchen cabinets with rounded corners and more.  A lounge is provisioned on the ground level for organising intergenerational social and recreational activities.  The first floor of the tower will be connected to an existing footbridge in Jat Min Chuen for senior residents’ easy access to the market and other community facilities in the estate, to strengthen their bonding with the community.

 “Chung Yuet Lau”, which its name symbolises longevity and delight, is HKHS’s first elderly housing project built with steel MiC, comprising a total of 229 MiC and precast modules.  In addition to being environmentally-friendly and safe, the adoption of MiC saves about 10% to 15% of the superstructure construction time compared with the traditional method, and reduces construction waste, minimising the impact on nearby residents and the environment.

The video about “Chung Yuet Lau” is available for downloading here.

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