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HKHS Exhibition Centre Re-opened with a New Look
Showcasing Housing Development with Enhanced Interactive Experience
and Engaging the Community through Thematic Activities

The Exhibition Centre of the Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS), located at Prosperous Garden in Yau Mai Tei, has recently re-opened for public visits with a captivating new look after a comprehensive transformation.  Offering more interactive and immersive experience, the refreshed Exhibition Centre let the visitors have an understanding of Hong Kong’s housing development and the work of HKHS.

The Exhibition Centre was first established and opened during HKHS’s 70th anniversary.  It has ever since served as a liberal studies and exchange platform about local housing development to enrich the learning experience of the youth and to strengthen community connections.  The newly refurbished HKHS Exhibition Centre features three themed zones.  Besides showcasing HKHS’s development journey and collections of historical significance, the Exhibition Centre, for the first time, presents experiential installations with cutting-edge 3D naked-eye visual effects and immersive LED dome, together with interactive educational games and multimedia applications, facilitating the public to understand the mission, vision and work of HKHS holistically.

HKHS Chief Executive Officer James Chan said, “The revamped Exhibition Centre has brought in various innovative multimedia installations, making the visitors feel entering the ‘housing laboratory’ of the Housing Society where they can experience housing projects developed across different eras, gain insights into the Housing Society’s work in sustainability, and make use of the innovative Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) method to build their own MiC homes.  The Exhibition Centre will also collaborate with different partners to host regular thematic activities to enhance public awareness of sustainability, such as environmental protection and carbon reduction as well as intergenerational solidarity, in a bid to foster a sustainable community together.”

Covering an area of about 200 square metres, the Exhibition Centre consists of three zones of individual themes.  Zone One titled “Creating Homes for the Community” tells about HKHS’s role as a “housing laboratory” and its housing projects that have developed across different eras.  From the groundbreaking establishment of Hong Kong’s first rental housing estate, to over seven decades of progressive development, HKHS has remained steadfast in its unwavering commitment to providing affordable housing.  The remarkable 3D Communal Wall displays the daily necessities from bygone years.  The collection includes rent record cards to tenancy agreements and more, carrying cherished sentiments and nostalgic memories of the housing estates’ yesteryears.

Zone Two titled “The Housing Ladder” let the visitors immerse themselves in a retro arcade game to gain insights into the housing ladder in Hong Kong and the pivotal role played by HKHS.  This zone introduces rental estates, subsidised sale housing, and full market value developments as well as elderly housing.  The exhibition area also features an immersive LED dome, boasting a diameter of 1.35 metres.  Utilising virtual reality technology, visitors can delve into various elderly housing projects, experiencing firsthand the thoughtfully designed and elderly-friendly facilities.

Zone Three titled “Creating Homes for Sustainable Living” showcases how HKHS applies innovative technologies across various businesses to achieve sustainable development.  Visitors can experience the cutting-edge 3D naked-eye visual effects, learning about HKHS’s utilisation of Building Information Modelling technology.  They can also explore the concept of building their own homes by means of MiC.  This zone also highlights HKHS’s sustainability strategies in property management, community engagement and cultural heritage preservation, including the preservation of memories from redeveloped housing estates, enabling visitors to connect with the people stories woven within these communities.

A highlight of the exhibition centre is the “Future in Bloom”, a magnificent 2.3-metre-tall tree.  This captivating centrepiece symbolises HKHS’s unwavering dedication to providing quality homes for the community, fostering growth, and embracing sustainable development.  After the tour, visitors are invited to express their wishes for the community at the “Make a Wish” wishing tree, leaving behind their aspirations and hopes for the future.

In the days ahead, the Exhibition Centre will hold a variety of thematic activities and workshops on regular basis.  The inaugural programme is the “HKHS x Littleink Happiness is A Choice exhibition and Let’s Talk about Feelings art workshops”, jointly organised with popular illustrator Littleink.  The twin-braided girl character “Famui” created by Littleink endeavours to spread positivity and raise public awareness of mental wellness.  The workshops integrate input from clinical psychologist and elements of positive psychology, encouraging students to adopt a positive, kind and joyful perspective on life and enhancing their resilience through art therapy and interactive creation.

The Exhibition Centre is located at Shop E, G/F, Prosperous Garden, 3 Public Square Street, Yau Ma Tei.  Group visitors can register online at for guided tours by docents at specific time from Mondays to Thursdays.  The Exhibition Centre is open to the public (without docents) on Fridays between 9:00 am to 12:00 noon and 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm and no advance booking is required.  The Exhibition Centre is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.  For inquiries, please call 2882 1717 or 2217 8383.

The event highlight video is available for downloading here.

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